SEA BUCKTHORN Seed Oil BIO | 30 ml

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100% organic Tibetan seaberry seed oil.

The pure essence and the top product from seaberry is its oil, gently extracted from the seeds of its fruits. 

Seaberry is a key contributor to the body’s natural defences and supports the immune system’s activity. It strengthens cardiac activity and ensures that the metabolism and intestinal tract function normally. It also has beneficial effects on the skin, the mucous membranes of the eye and the oral cavity.

As many as thirty fresh seaberry fruits are needed to collect a single drop of this oil.

Recommended dosage: Adults: 2-7 drops, 1-3 times per day. Children from 3 years: 1-3 drops per day.

Seaberry Seed Oil
Premium quality

We take the quality of Himalyo products very seriously. This is why we carefully select the best sites to grow the fruit and keep a close eye on the entire production process from day one until each product makes its way into the hands of our customers. It all starts with the harvesting of the fruit by hand, as this is not only gentle on the sea buckthorn as a plant, but also ensures that we pick out only ripe fruits, guaranteeing freshness and perfectly preserving all the important nutrients.

We process the harvested fruit on-site within hours, usually in the evening when the heat of the sun has waned and the first dew is moistening the fruit peel. At this time of day, the fruit seeds are separated and are then extracted by a highly costly, but effective and efficient, method to make the final oil. The oil contains important active substances that are not present in any other part of the seaberry fruit and are absolutely unique across the plant kingdom.

Ikony - naše produkty jsou BIO, RAW, VEGAN a GLUTEN FREE.

Laboratory tests have shown that content of important nutrients in Tibetan sea berry is several times higher compared to varieties harvested in Mongolia, Russia, Germany and Finland

Vitamin C content in seaberry (g/L)



Content of active ingredients (mg/kg) Seaberry Seaberry tibetana
Phenolic acid 3.956 - 5.728 5.719 - 5.893
Flavonoids 122 - 308 342 - 401
Oleic acid 10 - 17 22 - 26
Carotenoids 2.350 - 3.420 2.693 - 3.166
Fotografie trhaní plodů raketníku v keře v Tibetu pro Himalyo. Fotografie čerstvě zastudena vylisované šťávy z rakytníku.

For thousands of years, sea buckthorn, or seaberry, has been the staple of Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine and is often called a plant of the future. Its fruits are widely used in the Himalayas not only to treat respiratory and digestive problems but are also used in cosmetics thanks to their ability to accelerate wound healing and stimulate regenerative processes. High in vitamins and other nutrients, it also helps to reduce fatigue and stress.

Even modern medicine is beginning to use this healthy plant more widely, recognising that seaberry is a key contributor to the body’s natural defences and supports the immune system. There are also numerous proofs that seaberry improves cardiac activity, ensures that metabolism and intestinal tract function normally, and has a positive effect on the skin, the eye and the mouth.

The fruits are rich in vitamin B (B1, B2, B3), which is essential for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. Seaberry also contains vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin C, vitamin D (proper bone growth and development, proper functioning of the immune system and the heart, and reduction of the risk of cancer) and vitamin E (an antioxidant).

Seaberry is also widely used in cosmetics because of its unique qualities. It has a very positive effect in the treatment of minor injuries, blisters, scars, frostbite and skin ache. Dermatologists often recommend it to treat acne. Thanks to its high vitamin A and E content, it improves the elasticity of the skin, helps maintain its natural look, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In cosmetics, seaberry oil, harvested either from its fruits or its seeds, is particularly popular.