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Extraordinary Power • Exceptionally Pure

The story of Himalyo products begins in unique areas of Tibet with average elevation of 4,500 meters (15,000 ft). In this landscape full of contrasts – beautiful & clean, yet raw & rough – grow extraordinary plant varieties with exceptional properties and characteristics.

High elevation, proximity of intense sun and vast differences between day and night temperatures give birth to plants, flowers, and fruits that contain much higher concentrations of effective nutrients than the same varieties grown elsewhere.

The extraordinary power of Himalyo products is based on energy that traditionally processed fruits have gathered from the pure nature of high mountains.

Himalyo is a concept of natural care inspired by Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine. It is based on principles tried and tested over thousands of years, on living in balance with natural laws.

This concept brings longevity, satisfaction and health & balance in both emotional and physical aspects.

We do not compromise in our search for the finest quality of plants that we use and apply the maximum care in their processing. We provide the best a product can offer in its pure natural form.

  • Exceptional location of harvest, selection of only original varieties and careful processing give Himalyo products their extraordinary strength and high concentration of effective nutrients.
  • All harvested fruits are hand-picked and processed immediately after harvest.
  • All our products are purely natural.
  • We do not dilute our products, use thickeners, preservatives or any other additives.
  • Our products are suitable for the whole family, including children



"You can stand here for a whole day, and you still have the inner feeling that you will never be tired of this view. The long plateaus of the Tibetan plains gradually turn into the peaks of majestic mountains. You are at a height where you are short of breath, but the reward is clean and pure air. After a frosty night, the sun rises in sharp contours and floods the entire surrounding landscape. At that moment, you realize that you really are on the roof of the world.”

In this environment, are born and ripen plants that we gently process into our products. We humbly use traditions that have been established here for thousands of years in the creation of each of our products.

We want the benefits of our products to be the health, inner balance and vitality that the people of these areas possess.

We found inspiration in Tibetan and Himalayan medicine, which helps  people to live in harmony with nature and the natural environment that has surrounded humanity since ancient times. Not surprisingly, in areas where this traditional approach has been experienced for many generations, people, even in old age, have admirable health, inner balance and vitality.

Simplicity - Versatility - Creativity

Each product is clearly understandable, both in its content and impact; each of us can easily choose a suitable product. Despite the clear focus, however, the use of each product is versatile. In addition to its main indications, each product can be used in many other unexpected forms. The products in our collection can be combined with one another. Therefore, each one of us can intuitively search for our own solution for health and vitality.