1) Administrator of your personal data is Himalyo SE, with registered office at Trojská 39/201, 171 00 Prague 7, IČ:06610889, no: H2053 at the Municipal Court in Prague (The Company)


2) Contact details of the Company:

Address for delivery: Trojská 39/201, 171 00 Praha 7

E-mail: info@himalyo.cz

Phone number: +420 840 000 111


3) The company did not appoint a Data Protection Officer.

4) The processing of your personal data is done by the Company. The processing is carried out at its establishment, branches and registered office by individual authorized employees of the Company, possibly by the processor. The processing takes place via computer technology possibly via manually at personal data in paper form with all the security principles for management and processing personal information. The Company makes all effort to protect your privacy while using its services. The company has taken technical and organizational measures to protect your data against loss, manipulation and unauthorized access. The Company constantly adapts security measures in a line with technological advances and developments


1) You are under no obligation to provide the Company with personal information. However, providing your personal data is a requirement for you to enter into a contract with you. The Company only requires your personal data for the needs of the Company (for the purpose, purpose, and duration detailed below). In no event will personal data you provide be sold to other entities or used in any other commercial way.

2) The company handles in particular your personal data:

• Name and surname

• Address

• E-mail adress

• Phone

• Banking connections

• ID and Tax ID 

• Data provided beyond the applicable laws processed within the framework of your consent

3) The processed personal data will be obtained by the Company either directly from you (by providing them, for example, in the framework of registration or from an individual correspondence with you), or from publicly accessible registers, lists and records (such as the Commercial Register, the Trades Licensing Registry , public telephone directory, etc.)



1) Personal data must be processed in order to create an offer, conclude a contract and fulfill it, or maintaining the status of your customer account and complying with contractual or statutory obligations, such as, in particular, the archiving of tax documents and the handling of any complaints. The legal reason for the processing is therefore the fulfillment of the contract (pursuant to Article 6 (1) (b), Regulation (EC) No 2016/67 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such persons and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (GDPR), fulfillment of the legal obligation (according to Article 6 (1) (c) GDPR) and legitimate interest (pursuant to Article 6 (1) f) GDPR).

2) The Company's legitimate interest (according to Article 6 (1) (f) of the GDPR) is also direct marketing, ie your personal data is processed by the Company for the purpose of disseminating business communications regarding its own similar services, the satisfaction questionnaire, birthday or PF, and simple analysts (such as tracking website traffic, etc.). If your personal data is processed for this reason, you have the right to object to processing for direct marketing purposes.

3) If the Company has given you your consent (for example, in the context of competitions, marketing actions, application forms, etc.), the Company processes your personal data under this grant (pursuant to Article 6 (1) ) GDPR). In the case of consent, processing is being carried out for the purpose of offering services, sending business communications and informing about the Company's events,



1) Your personal data will be processed only for the necessary period of time that is given by the performance of the contract and the subsequent maintenance of the tax documents for the ordered and supplied service. Due to legitimate interest, your information can be processed for 3 years, but the longest time before you oppose such processing.

2) If your consent is granted, your personal data will be processed for a period of 3 years, but not longer than your consent to the processing of personal data, which may be made in writing at the Company's address or by e-mail to info@himalyo.cz.



1) Processing of your personal data is done by the Company, that is to say the data controller, but personal data may also be processed for the Company by other persons such as:

• external service providers for the Company (typically programmers or other support technical services, server services, etc.)

• shipping and courier companies

• Back-up servers or technology operators used by the Company who process them to ensure the functionality of the Company's relevant services,

• to the extent necessary, tax advisers, auditors, lawyers of the Company who process personal data for the purpose of providing advisory services,

• Personal data relating to debtors with overdue debts may also be made available to companies providing debt insurance or collection agencies for the purpose of recovering or recovering receivables from the Company,

• public authorities,

• possibly other providers of similar services, which are not currently used by the Company.


2) The company does not intend to pass your personal data to a third country (to a non-EU country) or an international organization.



1) Your rights:

• ask the Company for information about your personal data,

• ask the Company for clarification regarding the processing of your personal data,

• request the Company access to your personal data and update or repair it,

• require the Company to erase your personal information, restrictions on their processing,

• the portability of your personal information,

• revoke at any time the consent granted to you to process your personal information,

• In the case of your personal data processing due to the legitimate interest of the Company (Article III (2)) to object

• In case of doubt about compliance with the processing of your personal data, contact the Company or the Office for Personal Data Protection.


Thank you

Your team Himalyo