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Extraordinary Power • Exceptionally Pure


Introduction of Himalyo:
Himalyo offers natural products inspired by Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine. It offers premium dietary supplements derived from plants and fruits harvested at the Tibetan Plateau.
High elevation, proximity of intense sun and vast differences between day and night temperatures give birth to plants, flowers and fruits that contain much higher concentrations of effective nutrients compared to the same varieties grown elsewhere. The extraordinary effectiveness of Himalyo products is thus based on the unique origin of their ingredients and their sustainable processing. We aim to bring to our consumers good health, internal balance and the vitality that is enjoyed by the local inhabitants of the pristine alpine regions of Tibet.

Target Group:
The main target group of Himalyo products is health-conscious women 30–50 years of age who care about their own well-being as well as the well-being of their family. They prefer natural products and a traditional approach to therapy and healing.
Himalyo customers are exceptionally loyal and use products repetitively. Since explanation of the health benefits of Himalyo products requires more advanced communication; we seek those distribution partners who are willing to cooperate with us on longterm customer education.

Specifics of Himalyo products:
• Alpine origin of natural ingredients that are harvested on the Tibetan Plateau
• Sustainable harvesting and processing of plans and fruits
• Purely natural form, free of thickeners, preservatives or any other additives

Distribution Strategy:
We aim to build selective distribution (i.e. one main partner on each segment) in the following distribution channels:
• Pharmacies (online and brick and mortar)
• Drug stores
• Online health food shops
• Health food stores

Route to market and marketing support:
Our primary focus is online marketing support. Upon agreement of a distribution partnership in a select country, we will launch the following marketing support in the first year:
• Display and content online campaigns
• PPC campaigns
• Social media support
• Sampling campaign
• Influencer and blogger support
• Print and PR campaign


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