What is Himalyo?

our values

"We could have written a bunch of marketing claims here, but instead we have decided to state how we really feel."

Himalyo is about returning to the roots

Roots that provide stability, the strength to grow, and keep the crown of our consciousness close to heaven. That is the only way we can breathe with ease and feel the inner peace and sense of our being.

Himalyo is about understanding

Understanding the continuity of our inner and outer bodies and the importance of their mutual synergy. What is inside is outside, and what is outside is mirrored in our inner being.

Himalyo is about reconciliation

Reconciliation of ideas and knowledge that shift the boundaries of the seemingly impossible, making space for new ways of caring for our bodies and balancing our minds.

Himalyo is about knowledge

The knowledge of outstanding botanists, biochemists and pharmacists, delivering the exciting harmony of ancient traditions and modern science.

Himalyo is about responsibility

Responsibility for positive light and the clear traces left behind by all aspects of our activity.

99 %
  • recyclable materials
0 %
  • preservatives
  • additives
  • boredom and unfairness

Strength lies in simplicity

Simplicity, versatility and creativity. Strength lies in simplicity. The natural origin and effects of each product are clear and comprehensible. This makes it easy for everyone to choose what they need. Our products are versatile in their use. Besides their main indications, they can be used in many other ways that yet remain to be explored. Our products can be easily combined with each other, so you can find intuitive solutions for strength and vitality throughout the year.

"You could stand here all day and still have the inner feeling that you will never tire of that view. Boundless Tibetan tablelands slowly give way to peaks of majestic mountains. An elevation that makes it hard to breath, but the reward is pure, brisk air. The sun, sharply-contoured as it rises after a frosty night, seems to bathe the whole landscape from up close. This is the moment you realise you are actually on the roof of the world – the Himalayas.

It is here that some of the most amazing plants – historical and a backbone of traditional Tibetan medicine (TTM) that often inspire the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda.