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Natural stonecrop extract (Rhodiola rosea) grown in the pure environment of Tibet. For mental well-being and stress relief.
- Dietary Supplement -

Rhodiola rosea is an excellent helper in coping with stressful situations, restlessness, mental fatigue and exhaustion. As a well-known adaptogen, it helps the body adapt to stressful situations and strengthens the body's resistance during mentally demanding periods.

Rhodiola rosea extract is typically characterized by a bitter acerbic taste. Although, at first, the taste of Tibet Zen may not be completely appealing, and you will have to allow time for your taste buds to get used to it, you will certainly be thrilled by the health benefits of its regular use.

Tibet Zen ingredients have the following benefits for health:

  • Alleviates symptoms of stress, exhaustion and general weakness
  • Contributes to mental well-being
  • Relieves fatigue caused by mental stress
  • Helps you sleep peacefully
  • Supports memory and concentration
  • Has a beneficial effect on heart health
  • Acts as an antioxidant and promotes digestion

Rhodiola rosea is nicknamed the "golden root” or “arctic root." It is exceptional, not only for its beneficial effects on the human psyche, which are considered of a value equal to  precious gold, but also because it thrives only at altitudes of above 2400 meters. Tibet Zen is extracted from stonecrop grown on the Tibetan Plateau, because only here does this plant mature properly and is endowed with a rich dose of nutrients.

Thanks to the very rich concentration of the Rhodiola rosea extract, it is enough to regularly use only a few drops of Tibet Zen a day to achieve the desired benefit to a person's mental well-being.

Ingredients: stonecrop root extract (Rhodiola rosea) 83.2%, sweetener - sorbitol, preservative - potassium sorbate, sweetener - steviol glycosides, thickener - cellulose, thickener - xanthan gum, flavor enhancer – wine grape extract

Recommended Dosage: 7 drops 3 times a day
If the bitter taste of Rhodiola rosea is an obstacle for you, we recommend that you use each dose immediately with water or another drink.

Warning: Not intended for children under 3 years. During pregnancy and lactation consult your doctor before use. Dietary supplements are not intended to be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage! Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, at a temperature of 10-25 ° C. Keep out of reach of children.

Net package weight: 30 g



The first discoverers of the unique effects of Rhodiola rosea were the inhabitants of Central Asia, Russia and China. The root of the stonecrop was prescribed to promote energy, concentration and clear thinking. It was also used as a rejuvenating agent to promote vitality. There was even a popular saying "Whoever uses the root of the stonecrop will live more than 100 years.” To this day, Rhodiola rosea is an integral part of homeopathic medicine, especially in the Nordic regions and Asia, where the inhabitants of the mountains have long attributed magical effects to it and still use it to increase work abilities and to restore mental balance.

Rhodiola rosea protects our body from stress and helps us to cope better with it. It is one of the most important adaptogenic substances. The term adaptogen refers to substances that keep our body and mind in balance. They increase the body's resistance to stressful situations and improve the body’s ability to withstand changing conditions (to adapt to them, to acclimatize with them). They strengthen the body's resistance in a mentally demanding period, thus preventing a weakened body from quickly succumbing to various ailments. They give the body strength and vitality. Adaptogens have an exceptional ability to act where the body requires it, thereby stabilizing the various functional systems in the body and helping to maintain a stable internal environment.

Rhodiola rosea helps to combat stress and its consequences. By calming the body, it reduces mental fatigue and promotes mental well-being. It helps normal sleep patterns and supports proper brain function.


Rhodiola rosea has positive effects on cognitive (mental) functions. These are one of the main areas of the human psyche. Through cognitive functions, one perceives the world around him/her, acts, reacts and manages various tasks. Thought processes give a person the opportunity to learn, to remember, to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the environment.

Thanks to its effects, Rhodiola rosea strengthens the overall resistance of the organism and increases work and sports performance. It has a positive effect on the heart rhythm, the entire cardiovascular system and has antioxidant effects.

Rhodiola rosea is authorized in accordance with COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 432/2012 (dated 16.5.2012), valid from 14.12.2012:

Adaptogen - nervous system - fatigue - stress
Cognitive and mental performance
Physical performance and fitness
Blood circulation
Heart and vascular system - oxygenation
Normal digestion